We’re changing the norm. Gavin’s Notebook plans to become the leading edge for your search for Special Need Services. No more wait times, no more confusion. Welcome to Gavin’s Notebook.

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A Look Towards the Future

Interested in the end goal? The whole shebang? Take a look at a demo build of the website! A simple walk through demo showcases the main function of the website, and all future planned additions.

(DISCLAIMER: This is an early and nonfunctional build of the website. Names and ideas are bound to change.)

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About Us

Founded by High School Students.

Originating within the walls of Phillip J Patiño School of Entrepreneurship, Gavin’s Notebook is a collection of friends knowing they could make a difference with the tools and backing provided to them. 

Tearing away the norm.

Gavin’s Notebook is a completely free database, specializing in the collection and search of special need and disability services/resource. No payments, no hassle, no problem. 

From Humble Beginnings. 

Starting from the California Central Valley, we hope to expand and store available and helpful services within the database. Starting from our home outwards. 

Our Mission

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