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What is Gavin’s Notebook?

Forwarded by High School Students.

Originating within the walls of Phillip J Patiño School of Entrepreneurship, Gavin’s Notebook is a collection of friends knowing they could make a difference with the tools and backing provided to them. 

Tearing away the norm.

Gavin’s Notebook is a completely free database, specializing in the collection and search of special need and disability services/resource. No payments, no hassle, no problem. 

From Humble Beginnings. 

Starting from the California Central Valley, we hope to expand and store available and helpful services within the database. Starting from our home outwards. 

Our Mission

Copy of MVP (3)

Meet The Team

Arianna Dominico


A beacon towards a new dream.

The one who started it all, Arianna Dominico is the backbone and face of Gavin's Notebook. Be it planning, initiating, guiding, or managing the social media, she is the heart and soul of the company.
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Michael Dutra


The Master of Numbers.

Sheets, math, and other technicalities, Michael Dutra finds his prime when analyzing the numbers of Gavin's Notebook, and directing funds to needed projects. A core member, he supports the team not only in directing, but taking initiative when it comes to keeping the company afloat.
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Isaac Hernandez

CIO, COO, & Secretary

Building the foundations of a new tomorrow.

Ensuring working conditions and environment are acceptable, organizing, writing emails, analyzing data, website development help and outreach. Isaac Hernandez does a lot in Gavin's Notebook, taking part in nearly everything.
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Josiah Munoz


Designing the skeleton of functionality.

Code, design, and systems, Josiah Munoz carves out the website wire frame to then be implemented into a functional tool. Working closely with Isaac, the two closely analyze the status of the Gavin's Notebook in order to ensure easy and clean access to what we have to offer.
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A Special Thanks To You

Thank you to all of those that donated. We are grateful in your help to accomplish the dream of four high school students. We won’t let you down.